Presentation of a wayside about Juan de Miralles at The Wallace House State Historic Site

On October 9th, 2022, a wayside was presented with historic information about the meetings held between Juan de Miralles and George Washington, headquartered at Wallace House. Miralles was the representative of Spain at the Congress during the early years of the War of Independence. This meeting was the first official reception of foreign representatives by an American Commander-in-Chief.

The event took place at the Wallace House State Historic Site, located outside Sommerville, close to Wallace House. José M. Guerrero Acosta, director of Unveiling Memories Iberdrola’s Project, and Teresa Valcarce, advisor in the U.S. for the project, attended the inauguration. Also present were Denis Sullivan, mayor of Sommerville, Melanie Marone, representative of Somerset County; Mark Texel, representative of the New Jersey State Parks; Paul Soltis, Resource Interpretive Specialist, New Jersey State Park Service; members of the Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage Association; and other local community representatives.

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